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Virtualization technology deployed in office geometric

Geometric Ltd, a provider of engineering services and solutions, desktop virtualization technologies has benefited significantly. The company, automotive, heavy industry, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, medical devices, such as software and offers expertise in many industries worldwide.

Quantitative benefits of VDI
  • Geometric 600 desktops in a year Rs 12 lakh (Rs 1.2 million) and energy savings are calculated.
  • Desktop created and deployed within 15 minutes instead of 2-4 hours earlier.
  • Re-desktop is just 30 minutes. Virtualization technology provides instant desktop quick re-ex.
  • Material must be renewed every three years. Virtualization technology office and end users automatically, without affecting the update on the server.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Need

To increase productivity and employee morale, public computing devices using the geometry chosen, with an option for employees to work from home, wanted to offer flexible working hours. However, the company became aware of security issues should be addressed. "Someone in the time off work site, consequently, the data came out," Prashant Ghoshal, director of solutions and Services Company, said geometric

The traditional office model, the data is copied to the additional exposure by creating individual machines. Ghoshal wanted to protect the end points. In addition, installation of hardware geometric personnel, relocation and management wanted to reduce the time spent. "We evaluated several solutions and technologies for desktop virtualization are understood that all these issues," says Ghoshal.

Selection of appropriate technologies

Citrix, VMware and Microsoft: Three geometric virtualization vendors were evaluated in principle. Organization for Citrix XenDesktop VDI has finally settled on 300 users. "We, on the other hand, Microsoft Citrix said it would be a better choice for our needs, performance levels, the bandwidth consumed, manageability, and looked at the total cost of virtualization technology applications office, "says Ghoshal.

VDI licensing model

According to Ghoshal, Citrix licenses of VMware VDI, VMware View and VMware are run from a simple hyper-cores processor-based license. Citrix XenDesktop running on Xen or other virtualization hypervisors. There are several levels of licensing options Citrix. "Once at the undergraduate level, rather than all numbers, select CPU core complex calculations," says Ghoshal.

Citrix annual maintenance Software License is continuous. License fee Refinement, Ghoshal said: "I had the experience of desktop virtualization technology is an important benefit or savings from the licensing model there are gray areas and technology relatively New in VDI Marketers in his favor, leaving soon, other manufacturers such as Windows, its policies for licensing own .. Will change. "

Given the geometric type of customer service, together with standard versions of the Linux Company, has chosen the Windows platform. Geometric IT desktop virtualization technology has made the evaluation team. Citrix and NetApp partner in this endeavor was.


Investment in high-end servers, storage and performance improvement in the data center, including various infrastructure changes that had to do. Geometric profitable performance SATA and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and SATA and SAS storage on NetApp, mixed distribution was chosen. With a gross capacity of 50 TB, NFS (Network File System) protocol in the operation of the NAS via SAS and SATA.

Geometry, multiple clustered systems for blade servers with 2CPU UCS quad-core blades, and 96 GB of RAM, Cisco blade servers, each selection was chosen. "We endpoint devices to operate successfully on the 256 Kbps connection, I noticed," says Ghoshal.

Technology management desktop virtualization

Geometric virtualization technology management office, the IT team has two directors. A value of zero and activities (eg, people moving machines, table) is now completely eliminated. Feels he has developed in the
Ghoshal Geometric DR

In essence, VDI, back up and easier to port a software image. Virtualization technology provides office files a specific date. Organization of physical backup tapes, and sent off-site. If a single case of a disaster, an instant with little effort in itself can be launched from anywhere on standard hardware.

Barriers to implementation

Deployment of desktop virtualization technology poses some difficulties. There was a certain learning curve. From there, the IT team to manage the physical boxes now had to manage virtual machines, and extended partners. Users can also change a little worried. "Users have their machines are not used to sitting in his cabin, and personal data stored on computers," says Ghoshal.

Some minor technical problems were also trained to develop software and antivirus. Ghoshal, said. "We run the meta-analysis of all the machines running at night for viruses, patch management, and similar cases, there is a problem, if it starts  ... many users, but leads to a stop if you need to scale the system to ensure that any installation of a sudden is not.”

Other Benefits

Geometric side of virtualization technology for desktop applications has many advantages. Now the data is stored on a central server, security is greater than a safe environment with centralized management servers. Can easily be copied over the network, such as data much faster than the support of the cloning, high-end data storage with a geometric.

Geometric PC, Macintosh and desktop virtualization technology, tested the IPAD. As he had the advantage of VDI Citrix support end point devices that you do not have to worry about configuration.


250 desktop computers to break even for the design of desktop virtualization technology for two years. According to Ghoshal, increasing the number of jobs, it shortens the balance. "For example, 600 for the office, the payback period of investment recovery for almost a year." In the future, using the network table, hoping to agree a cloud geometric internal.

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