Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Agile software delivery for any size team: Q & A with Scott Ambler

"The best advice I can give companies a flexible delivery at the enterprise level experience and a strategy for long-term investment for the transition is to help a company prepare for the Agile and Lean," said Scott Ambler Agile expert said. The second part of this interview in two parts, the team, organizational models and large-scale transition to Agile refers to the size of Ambler. Ambler upcoming Agile 2011, "Scaling Agile to be as flexible as necessary to make the model (ASM) will be present. The first half of the ASM, and eight more on the scale factors.

Q: One for the success of the "ideal" Do you think all the factors that will talk about it? For example, the "ideal team size is seven to nine people, and if you have more than nine persons, must be separated by a few teams." What do you think I've heard things like this?

Ambler: Hold the ideal situation as simple as possible. Each of the factors described in a similar way to the left of the simple scale / perfect (for example, small teams, which together incompatibility, etc.) is presented as a series of state and the right side of the situation more difficult (i.e., compliance is very important ...). Hundreds of people around the world as a team, research in recent years I have distributed all of these cases, just to show riot teams, but also (and yes, they also fail) their success. For this reason, many people significantly increases the probability of success is an ideal situation, talk to focus on, well, but the actual areas of the teams who really need advice and answers of the head in these cases.

Q: What is the organizational model of perfect ideals about your thoughts? Developers and tested by the same organization?

Ambler: I wrote about it. I am a firm believer that the project teams, "everything is" live and have the skills to work as a team. Thus, tests of skills, analytical skills, architecture, are including skills programming and a team of people. However, the owner of the team effort to support independent tests is generally very good reasons. For example, according to the rules dictated. The technical complexity of your environment by a team of independent test has developed the only pre-production test may require an economic integration.

Q: The agile approach to the traditional model for large organizations is doing, what are your suggestions for where to start?

Ambler: Really depends. We are an authorized person (s) initial evaluation consists of measurement capabilities improved (MCI) to develop a strategy known as a special priority, which reflects changes in the plan are made accordingly, and develop. This is a consultant and expert coaches and supported by a program to measure light. The best advice I can give companies a flexible enterprise-class companies that offer the experience to help and be ready for the transition to investment strategies in the long run, Agile and Lean.

Q: If you are in maintenance mode, a change in the ancient practices of traditional benefit agile? If so, only the TDD, agile techniques in the new code or code already written in the test cases may be I suggest to add ATS?

Ambler: Again, depends on the situation. I will appear as the general problems of human resource oriented. Maintenance prefers to work with? Quality-based? Are you ready to develop a set (how many times I have found is to keep developers using development tools in early 1980, we can not say)? For example, new skills, such as TDD, continuous integration (CI) and other are you willing to learn?

Development of the old code as a series of regression tests, usually affects the existing code in the development or addition shows the new code. This discipline, competence, and requires long-term. In addition, (usually the best thing to do is be honest) I have the code to identify the modernization of the company. What happens to existing data sources identified? Refactoring Databases wrote a few years ago, with Pramod Sadalage relational database development and production showed how to fix it. Recently, a hierarchical data store such as the IMS application of these techniques has worked for. In addition, the consolidation of its portfolio on which systems? This business intelligence and both require long-term. Great benefit to your organization for a joint solution with existing systems for retirement.

Q: The agile team to advise a company if that changes, what would it be?

Ambler: My only advice throughout the life cycle of rapid intensification disciplinary professionals with experience in applying agile techniques to speak. Use their experience and make the transition to agile can be a great starting point. However, a variety of certification programs for coaches, and promised a "quick fix", as well as careful who you talk. When you are ready to make changes to your own applications, tools and organizational culture means we have to do. These changes take time, but it is a valuable effort.

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