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Positive Psychology on Agile teams

Barbara Fredrickson August 9 Agile2011 gave birth to a conference like the opening "may seem unnecessary to talk about an hour on positive emotions," said author positivity. After some time, despite the serious problems we face, positive emotions and more sensitive than us, more opportunities, more creative, more flexible, enabling a better experience, "open", said the performance demonstrated, and take better decisions. Fredrickson open some interesting facts about positive psychology and how agile environment, we use this information to improve the way it worked.

Parallel movement of positive psychology and Agile

This year, Agile Manifesto, 10 birthday. Conference, held today and faith and confidence of people spoke of the importance of being the author of the Manifesto 17, including 15 meeting.

Fredrickson also have the right, a movement towards a large positive psychology, he said. It was not as impressive as the Agile Manifesto is clear from the positive psychology, but also stressed the importance of people and positive people who are able to thrive and succeed was a joke.

Positive emotions increase awareness of scientific evidence

Fredrickson, scientists use to test the benefits of positive emotions describes some of the experiments. "The brain science shows that positive emotions expand our consciousness and mind," he said. O, for example, their "happy" to give surprise gifts, such as materials in the form of photos, "inject positive emotions" the first scientists to listen to beautiful music, which describes the experience. Then the subjects were asked to answer the question about what they see and view photos.

The subject's eyes, brain, and examining the responses, the scientists first exposed to positive feelings that the subjects more aware of their environment and have a lot of data showing that more able to concentrate.

Positive emotions "other centered" unlock reflection

Fredrickson Positive emotions not only allow you to focus more on ourselves rather than others, he said. Work with others to do more, because "a better perspective, a positive attitude is reflected in more ways for the union revealed that [racial prejudice], more confidence, and better and win-win solutions in negotiation ".

More recently, psychological studies lead contact with the eyes of scientists with something positive with the mixture of "bio-behavioral timing" or call showed that the "movement". People mirror each other, and that experience starts to feel a strong bond. Unstable and organs that act as one - Fredrickson these "mini-mental fusion" may have said.

This question led to an audience. This remote workers without contact with eyes, does that mean that there could be a link? "This is something that we must pay close attention, Fredrickson video technology and other tools that use artificial eye contact may be necessary to establish a non-partner says there are strong teams.

Positive emotions make us

"In addition to expanding our consciousness, positive emotions, positive emotions that transforms us," says Fredrickson. Positive people see the big picture better and to cope with large real-world problems are able to do better. Emotions at the cellular level to create and change us.

But to change that, not only for the cute picture to see or receive a surprise gift to take over. These changes in lifestyle, positive feelings with a "steady state" should be. When you make changes, we have "a positive spiral upwards." Can see the spiral of depression lead to more positive emotions, such as positive emotions can help seed.

Scientists in times of stress provide a quiet part of the vagus nerve in our body is able to study these changes. This is measured by breathing patterns and to better deal can be a "high vagal tone."

Fredrickson made a study of a specific type of meditation practices focus on "compassion". Ultimately, this kind of meditation practice that those who saw it found subtle changes that make them more effective. And both were able to focus better be careful. Warmest relations and support with others, such as headache, had experienced fewer physical problems.

When people practice positive, shows an increase in vagal tone. In short, better versions of ourselves allow us to positive emotions.

Enough of what?

Based on data from the study of mathematics and the complex dynamics of human development Fredrickson, at least "positive rates," he said showed that 3:01. In other words, all the negative feelings must be at least three positive emotions. Tipping point in this relationship ", but the 3-1, with notes of Fredrickson is useful.

However, the negativity is required. Fredrickson, excessive negativity as harmful to cope with distress, and said it is important to mask negative emotions. "The false positive toxic," he warns.

Transport 3:1 ratio? "Create a positive mindset. Be specific, be grateful to be curious, to be kind, be true," he said.

Fredrickson also reminds us to have. "We are in a good mood, as always, statistically speaking most of the time." We so often miss the best time in the future, or are worried about old problems.

For use in agile teams

The primary audience has come to an end to implement agile teams. "Coaching and positively," said an agile coach. Others have adopted a positive, not only to increase productivity and morale, not only help the cause of the success can only improve the team's attitude General.

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