Monday, 8 August 2011

Bad sectors - Maritime Safety Agency for Gartner's servers, such as Blu-Ray

Authority Australian Maritime Safety $ 10 million storage services, software and related services, has published no more than one auction, but companies "... The Magic Quadrant is shown, and this proposal will be taken into environment has high-level Modular Disk Arrays [ID Number: G00207396, released date: November 15, 2010]. "

Buy on the dials of the "leaders" such as EMC, NetApp, Dell, IBM, HDS and HP names.

They are currently "operating in Brocade ... a site with an EMC CX3-40 storage system Fibre Channel. Site Recovery disaster data replication is done." Means that the solution file CommVault Simpana V8 (Dell ML6000 tape) library technology real-time synchronization via two channels are fiber Go homelessness. "

"The data available for 18 TB file systems and database systems, RAID 10, RAID 5, which are each occupant comfort. Throughout the 30 TB of raw disk capacity. In addition, 7 TB of user data (using RAID 5) SATA drives for the data file. "

"Life Support" at the end of office tools CX3-40 and wants to "critical infrastructure, such as development environments and testing, such as the SAN to support the existing system."

All that is specified that the winning bidder, based on stratification, thin provisioning, deduplication, and automated storage and SAN boxes should make available a list of buzzwords. The Authority has requested the new storage area over the next five years can withstand 160TB.

The detailed specifications can be found here.


People of many Blu-ray discs store 50 gigabytes of data; we know that for an application. It's not a lot of data, but may be useful in some cases. And soon after the 1 TB drives now, Blu-Ray will miss the information on the bullion worth looking at, and members of the crowd.

Hence our interest in new, $ 129, I iHBS212 12x SATA Internal Blu-Ray, HD video camera that you want one of these devices allows you to make the most of it, Lite-On.

Go ahead and use it in any way, and some backups to play Blu-Ray. You get free media and can set you up for a new wave.

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