Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Contract negotiations with the evolution of agile development: Q & A with Angela Druckman

The organizations recognized as an agile process, the application process of negotiating business contracts Agile to see if the equivalent. Angela Druckman Agile2011 co-presenting the stakeholders in an agile, practical issues to consider when developing partnerships with Jimi Fosdick. To get the scoop of your presentation to the following interview Druckman.

Q: We "contract" what are you talking about? SLA? Contracts with suppliers while working? This document is legal?

Druckman: It is an organization for the promotion and such advice, recruitment agency or by mutual written agreement between an external entity, talking about the legal agreement. But both sides and we found a very agile, to carry out the work as a software development project where the emergence of a combine. These agreements should be changed to support the process of defining and writing the road again.

Q: The "Agile" to talk about contracts, agile development practices (for example, allow changes) talks, or negotiating contracts for agile practices (eg, cooperation, etc.) related to the use of speaking?

Druckman: Agile practices, and the process of negotiating the contract itself and the preparation of almost all aspects of these agreements, and will affect the key. But clearly the fact that both sides of management roles and responsibilities, artifacts, and called for job creation describes how to work together to change the approval process is "done."

Q: Who do you think of this preparation of agreements; review and approval should be included?

Druckman: It should be a shared process between the two sides of construction contracts. Should include a variety of stakeholders. This list, end users, management tool, as groups and partners may include third party. Current team members are based in this product also participate actively. Plan, a framework to use the Scrum agile project structure, the Product Owner and ScrumMaster also part of this process. Finally, people actually write the contract - ScrumMaster, product owner, or someone else entirely - will also attend.

Q: The summary presentation of the standard frequency models for contracts, the companies say not compatible with the Agile process. Could you give some examples?

Druckman: Closed style, models of cascade product development to identify the most standard contracts. For example, a contract of this type of finish, signed a Requirements Document (BRD) may need before starting to develop the actual product. But in the final product by BRD their accumulation, are the Scrum agile methods, such as requirements, not only appropriate, at first, but continues throughout the project. In other words, any contract language that describes this narrow focus now should be reviewed to support a more interactive approach.

Similarly, the requirements of the contract provides a part of change management describes the process of making changes to the list. Additions and subtractions to these terms of speed and with the potential of each, to be developed systematically for a fact that the contract language should reflect this flexibility.

Q: The use of contracts to define the roles and responsibilities in a conversation about agile. Roles and responsibilities for everyone, or only for the uninitiated?

Druckman: At a minimum, the contract must explain the details of these three documents. First, it is important to consider the prioritization and approval. Scrum, the responsibility of the owner of this product. Which party has the proper role of the contract clearly stated? Second, the agreement must also team commitments to undertake and the team delivered the final word on the number of each iteration of the process that will clearly explain that. Finally, the contract should be the party to give a major role in Scrum. Without taking these measures will help prevent job progresses, confusion and misunderstanding.

Q: The negotiation of the contract negotiations of any contract negotiated for the current agile? Models will be available?

Druckman: We are working quickly to deal with a business model that defines the responsibilities and expectations of a specific language be added to the model contract. However, many companies fully support the implementation of agile and Scrum, project management, while others are deleted, added to the parties, the contract type can be a major operation. For a large-scale change, it is recommended that organizations seeking an agile coach. An experienced coach, not only contracts but other project artifacts, and a desk, can help organizations address the needs of the business documents and design documents. In addition, the rapid change in a car to meet their needs in this period, business groups and work closely with legal compliance audits.

Q: If a big lead in this session, participants will be what do you think?

Druckman: Customers and consultants to work with an agile decision must realize that can produce a radical change in relations. Contract agreements and is more about mutual benefits, I am trying to gain an advantage under. Both parties are working together to transform the way we do business this way to eliminate inefficient processes in the spirit of cooperation and commitment can approach the negotiation process.

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